Field Trip To Portland For SEO Help

portland tripHi this is Clark again.

In the last post I was talking about this awesome SEO company in Portland that I used.  I am still really excited about them because they keep producing results.  So I decided to get out of my cubicle and make a trip to Portland and meet this company that is helping us to kick some butt.  And maybe see what lessons I can learn from them.

When my plane arrived I was picked up by the owner Jared and he was a pleasure to meet and he took me to lunch and it was an awesome lunch.  Then he proceeded to give me a tour of Portland and let me tell you it is an awesome city and I fell in love.  I am hoping someday we will be able to have a branch there.

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I need SEO Help

Hi my name is Clark and I am the IT guy here.

Now to most people or anyone in my line of work you know that IT means hardware and systems type of stuff.  But unfortunately to most people IT means anything that has to do with the computer such as:

  1. Websites
  2. Marketing
  3. Search
  4. etc

So my boss came to me and said we need to be found on the internet so go do it.  My initial response I wanted to say was on go get it done because that is no my line of work but of course you can’t always say that to your boss so I said okay.

So I went so place other than Yelp and I out Portland SEO in Yelp and I found an amazing company that was willing to help me.  Granted they were not cheap but they got the job done for us.

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What If

Hi this is Stan.

I often sit at my desk here in accounting and wonder what if?  What if I studied this or did that or turned right instead of left.  What if?

One of the reasons I wonder that is my best friend owns a roofing company called Salem Best Roofing and he is having a blast doing it.  It’s hard work and he really has to watch his pennies but he is having a blast running his own company.

So what I tend to do is get jealous when I have a tough day sitting at my desk.  Don’t get me wrong I love what I do but I am just like everyone else and wonders what if I was outside working.  Or running my own company day in and day out.

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Mind Is Blank

Hi Rita here.

Ok I am writing the article because I have been working so much that my mind is blank.  Yes thats right my mind is blank and I can not think anymore.

So I figured I would like to share with every one what I do when my mind gets so stressed and bogged down what I like to do try and refresh it so I can keep going.

First and foremost I like to mindlessly search the internet for anything.  Nothing in mind but just think of something  and search.  You all know what I am talking about.

Then I like to go my new favorite blog and hope they post something new because I am really starting to like it.  As I said it is a relatively new blog but I am liking the direction it is going and I keep wishing everyday that they will add something new.

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The Prankster

Hi I’m Holly,

I guess I am the official office prankster.  I love pranks in the office.  I feel it is the only way to make things legit at the office.  Lets face it things can get kind of dull and boring and the only way to really voice it up is to do some pranks.  I learned all of my great pranks from no other place the the tv show the office.

Here are some clips from the Office where I get my inspiration from:

I love that show.

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It Started Out Horrible

Success copy

Hi this is Mark.

I am the sales manager here.  Since I am the only sales person I guess I can be called the sales manager.  It sounds and looks better on a business card and it makes me look and sound very professional.

I am writing here today because my boss said it would be good and I do want to really contribute to this blog and make it a success just like our company.

Anyway this day all started out when we had a pipe break or burst in our bathroom which made it unusable for a while.  I don’t know about you but I drink a lot of coffee and I need a bathroom so my day started out bad.  Since we have only one bathroom at our office it was a huge inconvenience and I started to get annoyed and was just determined the day was going to be horrible.

So we called the plumber which I need t give a shout out to because they were the best

They showed up right away and at a point when I really could not hold it any longer.  Yes I could go outside but it does not look really professional to do that at an office building.

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First Official Post

Hi this is Brynne here to report on this first official blog post.  I know I wrote one already but that was kind of a welcome post which introduces us and tells everyone what this blog is all about.  Now we are ready to get blogging and get into the meat and potatoes of this project/blog.

Today was a hectic day. But none the less is was an amazing day because we are all hear breathing and enjoying this amazing life.

When I say hectic day I mean it was not a good day.  Those do happen every now and then but I feel the best way t get through days like that is when the day i over to just pack things up go home and not ponder things to much and get ready for the next day which WILL be better.

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Welcome Here

OfficeWelcome to my new awesome site Houston Access Control.

Hi.  Different people from our company will be adding to this blog but today my name is Brynne and I am the one who got this blog started.

I figured this blog would be a good release from the stress of a startup.  And a great way to let the world know that all companies go through the struggle and we hope to give encouragement to other companies out there.  It could be startups and companies that are mature but are struggling.  Please check out our about page to rally learn more about us and what this blog is all about.

Again as you know my name is Brynne and I am kind of the one in charge here.

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