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Access Control Systems for Commercial
Affordable Financing Available Up to 5 Years Warranty * 24/7 Monitoring
Houston Access Control provides cutting edge security solutions for mid-size to large business. Whether you need a simple access control solution or you require full integration with fire alarm, burglar alarm, or security camera our team of experts can help. Each system is custom designed based on your facility’s unique structure and employee behavior.

Houston Access Control provides all kinds of solutions :
from a single-door access control system to securing and monitoring access across systems on multiple locations. Nexlar Houston Access Control Team has the experience and expertise to install, service, and integrate Access Control solutions at all levels
Some of the solutions that Houston Access Control offers are :
Visitors Management Systems : Manage and streamline front-desk functions with comprehensive analysis of visitor data.
Identity Management Solutions : Cards can be produced onsite and used to identify visitors, contractors, employees, and preventing unauthorized entry.
Smart Card and Biometric Access Control :  Whether you are looking for a simple pin code access control or Biometric 3d Face recognition our team of experts can help.
Time and Attendance Systems : Integrated with the access control system, the time and attendance software processes employee’s entry and exit time.