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Access Control Systems for Government
Affordable Financing Available Up to 5 Years Warranty * 24/7 Monitoring
Our Houston Access Control team has the experience and expertise to serve government facilities. We offer solutions for courthouses, water treatment plants, airports, police stations, roadways and other facilities. Our hosted integrated solutions can control multiple locations and manage all remotely helping you save time and money. We provide state of the art technology to ensure maximum protection and usability.
Houston Access Control services include :
Visitors Management Systems : Streamlining front desk functions by collecting and organizing visitors data.
Identity Management Solutions : Preventing unauthorized entry with onsite production of identity cards for visitors, contractors, and employees.
Biometric Access Control : Our Biometric solutions use a person's unique characteristics such as a fingerprint, Iris or Face to determine access, providing a high level of security as the access credentials are difficult to replicate.
Time and Attendance Systems : Integrated with the access control system, the time and attendance software processes employee’s entry and exit time.
Integrated Access Control Solutions : Houston Access Solutions team offers a range of solutions that can be easily integrated with other security systems.
Guard Tour Monitoring : Tracking and monitoring rounds made by security staff. The log analyzes if the correct tour patterns are followed and completed within the predefined timeframe and informs you in case there is any change or discrepancy.
Hosted Access Control Systems : Reported through a cloud base software, this solution is capable of multi-site deployment. It also enables users to carry a single card to gain access to multiple buildings. This is ideal for large government offices with restricted entries.