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A proud member of the BBB & Texas Burglar
& Fire Alarm Association (TBFAA).
State of Texas License No. B14634
Fire License ACR-1674996
Affordable Financing Available Up to 5 Years Warranty * 24/7 Monitoring
Other Services - Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm, Security Camera, CCTV systems, Security Cameras
Houston Security Cameras
24/7 security
Accessed from anywhere
Wireless cameras
E-mail Notifications
Houston Fire Alarm Systems
State-of-the-art Fire Alarm systems to suit all budgets
Protect your loved ones even while sleeping
Assistance in getting permissions from respective authorities
Cost-effective maintenance solutions
Houston Burglar Alarms
Systems available for Police, Fire and Medical Alarm
iPhone and iPad compatible
Mobile alert integration through centralized monitoring
User-friendly and Pet-friendly
Houston Video Verification Alarm System
State-of-the-art CCTV systems with hi-resolution
High video quality at 30 fps per second
One screen can show multiple camera shots
Accessible through Internet
Houston Video Analytics
Helps hugely in increasing the detection of events
Gives advanced security for customers
Hi-tech applications making it sharper than the human eye
Reduces manpower expense and human dependency upto 90%
Houston Security Integration
All security solutions converging into single IP network system
Integrating or adding messaging, alerts, or alarms to select events such as motion detection, tampering, or even access control
Increase productivity while minimizing cost
Integrate Fire, Burglar and Video into one easy-to-use system